Wednesday, August 26, 2015

No, Wade Barrett Is Not Leaving WWE

Barrett's not going anywhere
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When Stardust turned on Wade Barrett Monday night, the general reaction ranged from confusion at the dissolution of such a quickly formed team to angst at WWE's booking for again making the 2015 King of the Ring look the part of a chump once again. Neville came out to make the save, and Barrett's role in the proceedings was forgotten, no harm, no foul. But then he tweeted this emoji-filled post yesterday:

The message, coupled with him changing his display name to his real name, got people all hot and bothered that Barrett was finally on his way out of WWE. I admit I fell for the hysteria for a hot second, but then again, several WWE superstars use their shoot names in the display portion while keeping their stage names in the @-handle. A similar hysteria overtook the wrestling world when Ryback changed his display name to Ryan Reeves.

Anyway, the reason why Barrett went back to the United Kingdom is because he's filming a movie for WWE Studios. So he'll more than likely be back to dispense bad news to Stardust when filming wraps. The Bad News Barrett character was amusing, and it probably had a lot more shelf-life before it was curbed in favor of the King of the Ring stuff, but I thought the Cosmic King thread had more than just two weeks of material to offer. Either way, Barrett's not going anywhere for now.