Monday, August 10, 2015

Roman Reigns Stricken by Flying Object at House Show

Reigns got thwacked with a flying projectile
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Via WrestleChat

A fan threw his homemade Money in the Bank briefcase into the ring at a Victoria, BC house show, striking Roman Reigns in the head. The incident came during a street fight against Bray Wyatt. The match was stalled for a bit to see if Reigns could still continue, and he was able to finish the match. The fan was confronted by security, ejected, and even drew police attention.

Wrestlers have a tough time as it is avoiding head trauma with the natural perils of their jobs, noted with how many wrestlers seem to go down with concussions. Sheamus is the latest one, and he may even miss SummerSlam. They don't need help from idiot fans trying to be part of the action. It always bears repeating never to touch the wrestlers unless you're explicitly invited to, and even then, you should probably take great caution in what you do. Launching a replica metallic briefcase at someone when they're not looking does not fall under that purview. Jesus.