Monday, August 31, 2015

Rounding Out the Greatest Rivals Round Robin...

Edwards is a fine final name to add for the tournament
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Beyond Wrestling's Greatest Rivals Round Robin Tournament is taking place on September 26, and the lineup so far has both epitomized the word "rival" and is super grapple heavy. Biff Busick, Timothy Thatcher, and Drew Gulak have spent the better part of two years rolling around mats across America and trying to get each other to submit. While the final name on that docket, announced last night at Battle of New England Returns, has spent more time wrestling in Dixie Carter's Playland of Unsafe Working Conditions and Uncertain Television Contracts, and is more of a strike-heavy faux-strong-style worker, he more than fits the "rivals" requirement for at least two of the competitors.

Eddie "Eddie Edwards" Edwards, one half of the American Wolves, will be the final name participating for the one-night tournament. Edwards' feud with Busick arguably put the latter wrestler on the map, and he's had quite the history with Gulak as well. He may not inspire the "grapplefuck" hashtag on most occasions, but he has the ability to go to the mat, which will help him against Thatcher at the very least. Busick and Gulak both have the versatility to meet Edwards halfway. Either way, Edwards' name is a fitting final announcement for the tournament.

The next night, Beyond Wrestling will make its debut in the Boston area with Powder Keg in Somerville, MA, and boy, did Denver Colorado drop a bomb for that show's main event. Shynron, the Spirit Dragon and current Chile Lucha Libre Champion, will go head to head with the unquestioned leader in high flying and flippy shit on the indies right now, Ricochet. The Future of Flight will touch down in Beyond and do aerial battle with Shynron in what should be an exciting match to say the least. Beyond Wrestling isn't messing around with these late 2015 announcements, and the biggest winners in the whole deal are the fans.