Monday, August 10, 2015

Superkick Parties Are Now All Age Affairs

The Bucks gave a kid this treatment at IWL
Photo Credit: Devin Chen
Southern California indie Insane Wrestling League held its latest show this past Saturday, titled Insano-Vision. The opening match saw the Young Bucks defend their Tag Team Championships against the Mixtape Kings of Jacob Diez and Jerome Robinson. Diez and Robinson, however, were not the only ones to feel the wrath of the Bucks' legendary Superkick Party:

Yep, that is a 12 year old kid getting the both Bucks' kicks right to the mush. If I had to guess, he was probably Diez's son, but I could be wrong here. Either way, the kid sold those kicks better than half the Ring of Honor roster might have, and props to the Bucks for selling his kicks. I wonder if he's in training to get him some revenge a couple of years down the line...