Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Bullet Club Went There

Styles tried throwing his weight around just a biiiiit too much
Photo Credit: Lee South/
The Bullet Club, New Japan's faction of mostly gaijin has been accused of being a shameless homage to a combination of the New World Order and Degeneration X. To be completely fair, the group hasn't exactly shied away from the comparisons. In fact, the members have embraced their status as rogue cosplayers. However, during yesterday's G1 Climax card, well, AJ Styles tried to get Bad Luck Fale to recreate perhaps the most infamous, universally reviled act in nWo history...

Thankfully, Fale kicked out. Styles' reaction to the dissension was golden as well. If you're going to take the chaff of the nWo's run, you might as well do something fun with it. People who aren't necessarily fans of Fale might have wished he'd stayed down, but that's a discussion for another time.

In today's G1 Climax action, Tomoaki Honma finally got off the schneid when he defeated Tomohiro Ishii. Honma went 0-9 last year in the tournament, and he had been 0-7 this year. The win gave a rabid crowd much needed release, and Honma, as he should have, acted like he'd never, ever been there before. He's such an exuberant, almost innocent character, especially for a bleach-blond musclehead who does a headbutt as a finish. Good for him.

h/t r/SquaredCircle