Thursday, August 13, 2015

The First King of Trios Matches Have Been Announced

Who stands in the Corporation's way of a repeat?
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
So, all the teams have been named for King of Trios this year, and as laid out here on jolly ol' TWB, it's an impressive field. However, naming the squads is only one half of the equation. Pairing them off is the other, and the first three first round bouts have been illuminated. Two guest trios, including the marquee threesome from the past, have their dance cards punched, and the defending Champions will know who they will have to get by in the first round to jump-start their defense.

It might be silly to say the first match announced is a sleeper to be the best in the entire first night without knowing any of the other seven pairings, but given the perceived renown of the United Nations, I feel like that trio has a bit to prove. The Juan Francisco de Coronado-led team that also includes the Proletariat Boar of Moldova and Mr. Azerbaijan will battle Team Attack, which to review, contains Mark Andrews, Pete Dunne, and Flash Morgan. Mr. A's comedic bent might put a damper on that claim, but Coronado is one of the best in-ring guys in Chikara, and the Boar isn't a slouch himself. The English visitors have dazzled in their two tours of Chikara/Wrestling Is, so I expect big things here.

The other two matches were announced last night on Journey into Chikara, and one of them may have been the marquee bout of the entire first night. The Blue World Order - Big Stevie Cool, Da Blue Guy, and Hollywood Nova - will have a tall task ahead of them as they draw the defending Champion Devastation Corporation. Blaster McMassive, Max Smashmaster, and Flex Rumblecrunch are back for another run at the title, and I doubt they'll be in the mood to let ECW's preeminent jokesters upset them. It ought to be entertaining at least.

Finally, Princess Kimber Lee and Los Ice Creams, known collectively as Crown and Court, have drawn the Arcane Horde team of the Batiri and Oleg the Usurper in the first round. This match pits maybe two of the teams with the most questions to answer. Oleg's integration into the Horde has seemed satisfactory for now, but the question of his true allegiance will always linger until he proves otherwise. Meanwhile, Los Ice Creams might be the biggest liabilities in the tournament, as entertaining as they are. This match is a real puzzler to forecast other than it will be a lot of fun, especially live.

The other ten teams will be paired over the coming weeks. King of Trios is less than a month away. Time flies when you get old.