Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Reunion Two Decades in the Making

They mete again, although under friendlier circumstances
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The "Divas Revolution" has put a square focus on what women in WWE can do in the ring rather than their base aesthetic. Whether or not the movement has been a success or not is a huge debate, but 21 years before the oxymoronic, corporate-mandated revolution happened, WWE had two women drop jaws and pop crowds for things other than how they looked. Alundra Blayze was the WWE Women's Champion, and fearsome joshi destroyer Bull Nakano was brought over to challenge her for the title. Nakano was to become a mainstay in WWE, but a drug arrest sent her back to Japan. Of course, WCW had a passing interest in a women's division, and Nakano and Blayze, as Madusa, continued their feud shortly. However, two had not seen each other since that point in time... until today.

The two had wildly divergent careers before getting back to this point. Both retired from wrestling - Nakano in 1997 and Blayze in 2001 - to take up secondary careers. Nakano became a golfer, while Blayze drove a monster truck. They both eventually came back, Nakano with a comeback/official retirement show in January 2012, and Blayze with her induction into the WWE Hall of Fame this past year. And finally, they reunited after all these years. Blayze credits Nakano as being her best opponent, and given that Nakano made her mark as one of the finest wrestlers ever in her short career, it's not a hard leap to make. Reunions are always heartwarming, and I'm glad to see these two back together once again, even if no Scorpion Crosslocks are to be had...