Thursday, September 24, 2015

Akira Hokuto Has Cancer

Hokuto, shown here with Sonny Onoo, has a daunting challenge ahead of her
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Akira Hokuto in her wrestling career was one of the most fearsome joshi in history. Along with Manami Toyota and Aja Kong, she ruled All-Japan Women's roost for most of the '90s, and she also made trips over to the US, primarily to compete for World Championship Wrestling. She retired in 2002 to spend time with her fellow puroresu legend husband Kensuke Sasaki and their two children.

Unfortunately, retired life has gotten a bit hairy, as she's announced on her blog that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer appears to be contained in her right breast, and thus she will get a mastectomy. She'll go back for testing to see if the cancer has spread. Hokuto is not the first wrestler to come down with cancer, but hopefully, she'll join the list of people like Kenta Kobashi and Tim Donst who grind the disease into submission. Cancer is definitely a goddamn ballbag, especially when it not only affects a person, but a person's family. Here's hoping for a speedy and full recovery for one of the most fearsome and decorated wrestlers of all-time.