Wednesday, September 23, 2015

An Update on Nick Gage

Gage needs cash for his hearing
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
So, most people know that the oddly feelgood story of 2015 about Nick Gage going from convict to hottest thing on the indies ended when he got nicked for a parole violation on the night he was set to promote his deathmatch tournament in New Jersey. One of the terms of his parole apparently was staying clean, and he failed a urine test. Anyway, he has a hearing coming up soon, and Combat Zone Wrestling ref Brett Lauderdale posted some updates on Twitter concerning it:

Okay, so it sounds like Gage, like nearly every indie wrestler not in the Bullet Club, is having some monetary problems at the moment. On one hand, having another deathmatch wrestler in Corporal Robinson handle everything feels dubious at best. Wrestlers are the ultimate carnies. On the other hand though, would you try to double-cross Gage? I thought so.

Gage has been a polarizing figure in wrestling this year for his abrasive personality in addition to the natural disdain many people have for ex-convicts. America, it seems, has a problem forgiving people for crimes, even if they have served the time for it. Any time Michael Vick lands on a new team, some group of people emerges from the aether to protest him even though he spent a good chunk of his career, in his prime, in jail for what he did. Gage violating parole on a drug violation, especially if that drug was marijuana, isn't recidivism, it's a technicality. Granted, it's a major technicality, but still, it's not like he knocked over another bank. I can't ask people to like Gage, but if grudges are still held because he robbed a bank, well, dude paid his debt to society for it. That's good enough for me.