Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cesaro Is a Beast, Pt. 5145894

Cesaro is better at wrestling than you are at your job, probably
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Whether as Claudio Castagnoli or (Antonio) Cesaro, the Swiss stalwart has performed moves of great athletic prowess since he burst onto the scene earlier on in the prior decade. His dazzling array of HOSS feats and technical wizardry has arguably multiplied since joining WWE, which is odd given how most wrestlers tend to do their most impressive work in the freer pastures outside the conglomerate's boundaries. While most of his impressive feats have come as a result of his freakish strength, last night's most stunning display of wrestling came on a pin combo of all things:

Seriously, what does one even call that? I'm at a loss for words. Just when I think Cesaro has peaked, he busts something out that drops my jaw once again. While Sasha Banks has more higher-end matches, Cesaro busting his ass week in and week out has to get him major consideration for all kinds of outstanding wrestler/worker/Steamboat/TWB 100 plaudits and awards. Regardless of who's better or ranked higher though, one thing the consensus can agree on is that wrestlers like Cesaro make WWE worth checking out, even if the stories are mired in a cesspit of bad ideas and stale characters.