Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Chris Jericho Will Take on Kevin Owens at Madison Square Garden

Jericho is back for another live house show, and his opponent is awesome
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Beast in the East was such a unique show for several reasons. The camera work and production were wildly different than what has been presented on RAW, Smackdown, and pay-per-view. Brock Lesnar was a drawing point, and his opponent was squash fodder. Chris Jericho, a non-entity on the televised narrative, showed up to wrestle Neville. The marquee match was a NXT Championship bout featuring Kevin Owens, even if it wasn't the nominal main event. WWE will be presenting another house show in the same vein at Madison Square Garden in New York, and while it will more than likely be different in some respects, some of the strains will be the same, most importantly Jericho showing up and having a match. Late last night, he confirmed his opponent on Twitter:

As good as the Jericho/Neville match was, this one has the potential to exceed it big-time. Owens is one of the most special live event/improvisational performers ever. If the Jericho that showed up at Beast in the East comes to Madison Square Garden, then that match will steal the show. If the Jericho that inhabited late '90s WCW shows up, then that match has the potential to be an all-timer if just for the in-ring banter and the competing egos.

Of course, the other thing that hasn't changed from Beast in the East is Lesnar's purpose. He'll be there to wrestle, but his opponent will be Bo Dallas, whom he squishified on the RAW after SummerSlam. Hopefully, Dallas will deliver a special motivational speech to the NYC crowd before he gets turned into a fine paste.

ETA: News items for the MSG show now say Lesnar is wrestling Big Show at the event. Honestly, I'd rather see him mash Dallas than take on Show again. Jesus.