Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Emma Hungers

Bad dancer, excellent wrestler... gourmand?
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Quick, name someone who is enthusiastic about wrestling and has a food venture on the side. Is your answer ya boy TH? Well, if it is, congratulations, you're on my good side. However, someone a lot more famous and a lot better looking will be taking her love of food into a side project all her own. Emma, currently the evil mentor of Dana Brooke in NXT, will be taking to YouTube to share her love of food with her fans. The trailer can be found after the jump:

Hopefully, her "love of food" will transcend the typical clean-eating, boring, and sometimes condescending meal habits of some of the "body guy/gal" types who are vocal about what they eat, although on the flip side of that coin, maybe putting creative spins on that kind of cuisine might make eating to build a better body a bit less terrible-seeming. Either way, it'll be interesting to see what she comes up with. Wrestling and gastronomy seem like great partners with the sheer amount of food wrestlers need to eat to satisfy their caloric demands and the amount of time they spend on the road.

Yet, outside of Gorilla Monsoon's reputation for making a killer lasagna, Abdullah the Butcher's rib and Chinese food joint in Atlanta, and the Squared Circle in Chicago, that link goes mostly unexplored. Hopefully, Emma's Taste of Tenille will encourage more wrestlers to share their culinary preferences or proclivities to the point where Chopped is finally able to run that all-wrestler episode I've been dreaming of. Mainly, I just wanna see if someone snaps and puts Geoffrey Zakarian in a sleeperhold, but the other possibilities would be exciting too!