Tuesday, September 29, 2015

From the Archives: Kyle Matthews vs. Vordell Walker

Get to know Matthews and then go see him live
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
If you're anywhere near Carrollton, GA on Saturday, then you may want to head to the VFW Complex and Fairgrounds for some 'rasslin, namely the Peachstate Wrestling Alliance. You'll be treated to the former Murphy from TNA, Mikael Judas, taking on Jimmy Rave, whom Dylan Hales will probably vote number one on his TWB 100 ballot (never too early to think about your ballots, I swear!), and Sal Rinauro, who's appeared at a Chikara show or two, will make an appearance. However, the match you should be going for pits two of the best wrestlers in the country against each other.

In one corner will be Cedric Alexander. Everyone who knows about the indies knows about him. He's been a ROH mainstay for years, and he's grown in prominence in the past couple of months with his partnership with Veda Scott and program against Moose. He'll be going up against Kyle Matthews, a guy whom I've been championing for years now as someone you should know. How he's not getting more bookings outside of Georgia still baffles me, but hey, I guess the Southern fans aren't complaining about getting to keep him all to themselves. I've featured him against Alexander before in a tag match where the former teamed with Rave against the latter and Caprice Coleman in the now-defunct Rampage Pro Wrestling. This match I want to share with you today is a singles match against another veteran of the indie scene who primarily works down South nowadays, Vordell Walker. This match is the final of the 2012 Great Southern Eight Tournament. Check it out.