Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Trails, Kris Travis

He still beat cancer, and no one can take that from him
Photo/Graphics via Preston City Wrestling site
Kris Travis has become one of the most inspirational stories in professional wrestling in the last year. The British indie star came down with a cancer diagnosis in 2014, which may have ended lesser wrestlers' careers. But he worked and fought, and by the spring of 2015, he was in remission, healthy enough to submit a Tough Enough audition tape. By the summer, he was back in the ring and active again. That comeback story has enough meat to make a feel-good movie, but sadly, the epilogue isn't all that rosy or warm. Travis had some pretty shitty news to break to the world earlier today:

Yeah, that news is a slap in the face for anyone waking up in a good mood this morning. Travis came so far and worked so hard to get back in the ring, but at least he did get back in the ring. He tapped cancer out and got one last run, as short as it was, which is to be commended in and of itself. Not everyone can come back from the big C and have another act in their careers like Kenta Kobashi. The main thing is that he keeps his health and is able to live a full life. Here's to retired life treating Kris Travis kindly, and for everyone to remember that his story in the ring was impressive and powerful, even if it had to end prematurely.