Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Help Cherry Bomb Pay for Surgery with This Rockin' Shirt

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Graphics by Dave Bogart
Cherry Bomb has risen high up the ranks of the women's independent scene recently. She and Kimber Lee hold both the SHIMMER and SHINE Tag Team Championships, and she by herself is the WSU Heavyweight Champion. She successfully defended the title at the latest show Excellence against Candice LeRae this past Saturday, but the victory turned out to be quite Pyrrhic, as she broke her collarbone. Ouch. The injury caused her to miss out on SMASH Wrestling's Can-USA Classic, robbing the world of a potential classic between the Kimber Bombs and the Canadian Ninjas.

As with most wrestlers not in WWE, Bomb cannot afford the surgery needed to recover fully, so she'll need your help. Although crowd-funding on its own isn't wrong, especially for wrestlers who stick their necks out for the fans' entertainment, Bomb's actually got an incentive for helping her pay for her recovery. You can get the above design on a t-shirt that will go towards her "get well soon" fund. The parody image t-shirts of already-existing intellectual property that have become the overwhelming trend for indie wrestlers are hit or miss, but this one is definitely a keeper because it fits the oeuvre of why it was made, and the art on the front both looks like Cherry Bomb AND the guy on the Operation board.

Even if you can't buy a shirt, signal boost the link to the purchase page. Bomb is definitely one of the most indispensable parts of the indie scene. She's already going to miss the next SHIMMER tapings as well as the indefinite future in WSU. Help her get the surgery and therapy she needs so that she recover fully (most important part) and get back to hitting the ring.