Thursday, September 17, 2015

Impact Is Cancelled

No more Impact on Destination America
Photo Credit: Lee South/
Dixie Carter, through a Sports Illustrated online feature on TNA's crossover angle with Global Force Wrestling, has confirmed that Impact Wrestling will no longer be airing on Destination America. The promotion's flagship show will finish out the year on the network before it is cancelled. Dave Meltzer originally reported on the cancellation months ago, citing that the removal of programming could come as early as September, i.e. right now. However, it appears that TNA will be allowed to finish out the string before it is sent looking for a new home.

Of course, the end of television doesn't necessarily mean the end of TNA. The company still has a tour of the United Kingdom upcoming in January. However, I doubt that the expensive contracts will be picked up without the television money backing the company. Kurt Angle has already said he will not pursue re-signing with TNA when his contract ends, and the likelihood of affording Jeff Hardy has gone out the window.

However, I would never count TNA out until the doors actually close. The company has come close to closure several times in its history and like a cockroach after a catastrophe, it not only has survived but has found ways to thrive in an odd manner. Whether it continues as a touring-only company or it receives yet another television deal down the line remains to be seen. Right now though, things look pretty grim.