Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jeff Jarrett No Longer Minority Owner of TNA

Jarrett made a deal with Carter at the onset of the TNA/GFW angle
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Via WrestleChat via That Spyware Site

When Jeff Jarrett surprisingly came back to TNA earlier on in the summer, it came as a surprise given that he was wrapped up in his own fledgling wrestling company. Global Force Wrestling looked to be a competitor to TNA, going after the same small share of the audience and television pie that exists outside of WWE's massive pot. Then again, Jarrett was still technically a minority owner in the company, having never sold his shares when he was ushered out a couple of years back. Well, details have come to light, and Jarrett sold those shares back to Dixie Carter and Panda Energy as part of the deal the two sides cut on this current angle between the two companies.

As part of the deal, Jarrett received several perks for his new company. Mainly, he was granted access to booking TNA wrestlers for GFW shows, received induction into the TNA Hall of Fame, and most visibly, was allowed to run the current angle on Impact as a way of promoting GFW. The deal also allowed the two parties to make a complete break amicably.

However, the main stumbling block for Jarrett remains getting domestic distribution for Amped, the flagship show for GFW. So far, he's received television deals in the United Kingdom and Australia, but no one in America seems to be biting on the new promotion. With Lucha Underground's future in limbo and TNA seemingly headed for a future without a home for Impact, the landscape for televised wrestling seems dark at best. Maybe if TNA closes up shop or becomes a touring-only company, Spike TV will finally offer Jarrett television, but that feels like a pipe dream, even if everything breaks right. It's hard to be optimistic about the future of wrestling right now, at least Stateside, but hopefully, things will turn around.