Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jimmy Snuka to Be Charged in the Death of Nancy Argentino

Snuka will finally be charged
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Via the Morning Call

A grand jury has reached the decision to charge Jimmy Snuka with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in the death of Nancy Argentino. Argentino, who was then Snuka's girlfriend, was found in a distressed state in a Whitehall Township, PA motel room on May 10, 1983. Snuka claimed to have found her in said state after returning from a WWE television taping at the Allentown Fairgrounds. While Snuka claimed first to have shoved Argentino earlier in the day and then retracted to say she slipped and fell, the autopsy report claimed her injuries were consistent with a "stationary object." Additionally, Snuka had been arrested for a domestic disturbance against Argentino months earlier in New York. The case went cold later on that year, but it was reopened in 2014 thanks to a story run in the Morning Call in 2013.

Snuka escaped the charge and went onto complete his wrestling career to great acclaim. Many people suspect that Vince McMahon, who attended the follow-up interview with Snuka that occurred right before the case went cold, bribed the police and helped Snuka skate on the charges. While he generally kept a low profile for the rest of his career and is now suffering from stomach cancer, the objective of justice still needs fulfillment if he indeed maliciously ended Argentino's life. Additionally, a trial may help Argentino's family find closure after all these years.

Domestic violence is a plague on society that has only just started to have been taken seriously (and that statement may end up being hollow anyway). Now more than ever with Bram being accused of domestic violence against his current significant other, this kind of thing needs to be stopped. Violent people who prey on those who are weaker than they are and intimidated by them need recourse and rehabilitation, and prosecuting Snuka, no matter how infirmed he is right now, needs to happen. America and humanity in general can't stand by and let the voiceless continue to suffer without any sort of justice.