Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kurt Angle Claims to Be Done with TNA in January

Is Angle leaving TNA for real this time?
Photo Credit: Lee South/
Via SEScoops

Kurt Angle, in an appearance on the Mark Madden radio show in Pittsburgh, made the claim that he will not be re-signing with TNA Wrestling when his contract expires in January. He says he will take a break from pro wrestling and will not pursue employment with WWE. Angle has had flirtations with leaving TNA before, especially with the intent of signing back with WWE, which makes this announcement different. However, he's cried wolf so many times that I expect him to be signing a brand new contract with TNA before the smoke clears.

Of course, the issue of TNA even existing by January is a whole other can of worms. The company is getting close to its opt-out date on Destination America, and with nearly every other wrestling company not named WWE having trouble finding national distribution, it looks as if TNA's run as a nationally-televised wrestling property is coming to a close at the very least. Without TV money, it may not have the money to be able to afford Angle, who has been one of the company's highest-paid wrestlers since signing there in late 2006.

If his claims are accurate, then Angle will more than likely sit on the sidelines for a bit. He also claimed on the Madden show that he was not close to being fully healthy. He's had flirtations with a mixed martial arts career in the past, but if he realizes that he's too hurt to wrestle, then he may be at peace with his ability to cross over into real sport. Plus, he's pushing 40 at this point. Either way, I hope Angle does what's best for his health at this point. He's really not acted in his own best interests, even as far back as the 1996 Olympics, when he won the gold medal with a "broken freakin' neck." The dude has flirted with personal disaster for nearly a decade. I just hope he finds peace and health.