Thursday, September 17, 2015

New Day and Team BAD Engage in a Mutual Theft

They're at it again
Photo Credit:, Manipulation: TH
New Day is consistently the best part of Monday Night RAW, and Sasha Banks gets in her licks when she can on RAW while still being an integral part of NXT. But behind the scenes, they make the best magic, oftentimes with each other. For example, Big E and Banks rode around the Amway Center in Orlando on a Segway proclaiming "BOOTY!" Oh, and then the whole New Day and Banks choreographed a dance sequence to "Kiss From a Rose" to raise awareness for pediatric cancer. Now, they've resorted to stealing each other's stuff, although to be fair, New Day did start it...

The low-key best part here is Xavier Woods TOTALLY nailing Tamina's dour-yet-threatening facial expressions. Of course, Team BAD wasn't going to take this laying down. Does anyone think The Goddamn Boss of NXT (and soon to be WWE, just you wait) was going to let those purveyors of the power of positivity gank their shit and get away with it? Nope:

And now the ring has closed and Tamina and Naomi are in on the antics, which can only amplify the entertainment value.