Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New. Day. Eats. New. Day. Eats.

Imagine not looking forward to their segments on RAW
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Honestly, if you aren't totally enamored with the New Day right now, I probably can't say too much to sway your opinion. They are the undisputed best part of RAW on any given week, and even when WWE is at its worst, they give viewers a reason to tune in, at least for the quarter hour segment in which they're situated. Last night was no different, and in fact their screentime should probably be put in the Smithsonian as the pinnacle of professional wrestling as art. They verbally jabbed with the Dudley Boys and Edge and Christian. They consoled Seth Rollins. Xavier Woods played the Final Fantasy victory fanfare on the trombone, and when Christian shot back with his signature kazoo, well...

.gif via r/SquaredCircle

These three guys are on another level, Big E especially. Forget Jerry Springer or the people who brought you Bar Rescue. I want a WWE Network show that follows these guys around and films their antics. I would watch the hell out of it.