Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nick Gage Arrested for Parole Violation

Gage is back in police custody
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Nick Gage was having one hell of a comeback year after being released from prison. He made the tour of various indie promotions, had a ton of buzz, and even set out to promote his own deathmatch tournament, the Nick Gage Invitational, that took place this past Saturday. However, Gage had to no-show his own tournament because he was in police custody for a parole violation. The news was poorly-timed, and it puts a damper on his immediate future in the ring. The following tweet screen-grabs the info on the New Jersey prison site:

Of all the matches that this news places in jeopardy, the most disappointing-if-cancelled one will definitely be the Gage/Timothy Thatcher tilt for Beyond Wrestling on September 27. While several wrestlers can step in and give Thatcher a good go-around, none were as unique a matchup for him as Gage was in terms of notoriety and style-clash. Anyway, I hope that the violation wasn't serious, because I'd like to believe that people can be rehabilitated in prison. Gage was originally sentenced in 2011 for robbing a bank in late 2010. Either way, the news is a damper coming out of the weekend for sure.