Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nick Jackson Threw Gasoline on NXT Fires Last Night

Will the Young Bucks be showing up on a Wednesday in the future?
Photo Credit: Devin Chen
The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament is kicking off this week on NXT, and the slate so far for those who have read the spoilers has been pretty solid. The docket has contained current NXT superstars, teams who formerly inhabited the territory, and at least two special guests from the indies teaming up for the special occasion (don't click if you don't want spoilers). Five matches have been taped so far which indicates that the tournament will have at least 16 teams involved, and if "independent contractors" from the indies coming and visiting, then one team is on the top of everyone's wishlists, a team that has been contacted by WWE in the past about signing a developmental deal that the two brothers rejected.

While the Young Bucks will more than likely never sign a full-time deal with WWE as long as their indie drawing power remains strong and they can get lucrative dates from New Japan Pro Wrestling, the current spate of guest stars coming in for a spell has made bringing them in temporarily a viable option, one that Matt Jackson has jokingly referred to as "The Joe Deal" on Twitter. Of course, Samoa Joe ended up signing a full-time deal after some maneuvering in the eternal war between WWE and Ring of Honor, but Rhino, Leva "Blue Pants" Bates, and those two spoilery wrestlers referred to in the above link all are on that deal. Which is why the following Tweet from Nick Jackson last night was so... intriguing:

Of course, the Bucks' entire existence post-2011 has been as classic heels interpreted through the fish-eye lens of sarcastic Internet trolls. It could all be one big rib designed to get the marks like me riled up for laughs. But then again, the possibilities are intriguing. The Bucks are total freelancers with no contracts signed anywhere. They come and go as they please, which allows them the freedom to work for Global Force Wrestling, ROH, NJPW, and any indie that has enough money stashed away in a burlap sack with a dollar sign on it to hand over to them. Of course, I could be getting my hopes up for nothing, but the Bucks doing the independent contractor thing in NXT and opening up their dance cards to become truly infinite in possibility too exciting not to at least note.