Friday, September 4, 2015

Sabu Disputes Pat Buck's Claims

Sabu gave his own account of the hotel incident
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A week back, Pat Buck, the promoter of Pro Wrestling Syndicate in New Jersey, had some pretty disturbing allegations towards Sabu, namely that he may or may not have done something heinous to a dog in a hotel room that was booked on his credit card. Sabu took to Twitter immediately to say the claims weren't truthful, but he finally opened up in more detail on the Another Wrestling Podcast. WrestleZone transcribed the pertinent parts, which basically saw Sabu counter Buck's allegations of the carny bullshit business tactics and then refute the disturbing stuff. Sabu basically claimed the blood was his own, no feces was left in the hotel room, and that he put the room on his own credit card. He then alleged that Buck staged the other pictures in an attempt to make Sabu look bad.

Basically, the story now comes down to which carny asshole one believes, the promoter or the wrestler. I don't know if you all figured this out, but the class war rages hard in pro wrestling, even if management and the proletariat are way, way, way closer to each other in monetary assets than they are in nearly every other business in most cases (WWE being one of the exceptions). Promoters and wrestlers in most cases will almost always try to get over on each other, which explains all the accusations of carny bullshit from both sides.

But the hotel stuff is a new low, especially if it's been fabricated by Buck in an attempt to smear a wrestler for being difficult. Of course, it'd be disturbing if it really happened, but when you start dealing with people in the wrestling industry, well, sometimes you have to believe the unbelievable. Still, Sabu's side of the story casts doubt on what really happened, so the story is now back to a case of "he said, he said." I doubt it'll ever be resolved, but holy shit, is it one of the most absurd and horrifying stories that'll no doubt become an urban legend.