Tuesday, September 22, 2015

¡SI! ¡SI! ¡SI! Lucha Underground Confirmed for Second Season

More of this in 2016, hooray!
Photo Credit: ElReyNetwork.com
The best news possible came down on the Twitters last night, as Lucha Underground was announced for a second season to begin in 2016. The show had finished its first season with its future up in the air. Talents were encouraged to find other bookings. While El Rey Network was fully behind the venture, the Spanish language distribution was in flux, which left the promotion scrambling for the cash needed to continue on. Several avenues had been considered for a season two release, including an "over-the-top" option on Netflix.

While not much else in the way of details has been announced, a press release has confirmed that the show will be airing on El Rey Network again. If one were to read between the lines, that could mean the showrunners also got their Spanish language home in order too. Or it might mean that Dario Cueto found enough Aztec gold to fun another season. Who knows. The important thing is that it's coming back.

It's hard to overstate the excitement over Lucha Underground's return. For my money, the first season was the best run of weekly televised wrestling in history, and Ultima Lucha left off with some meaty hooks to be followed up on. Additionally, it means that the world outside of WWE will continue to have LU as part of its existence, which is good for all parties involved.