Monday, September 14, 2015

That Gunner Incident Smells Like a Work

Was it a work?
Photo via Online World of Wrestling
So, as the story goes, Gunner appeared at PWX's X-16 tournament over Labor Day Weekend and kicked a fan for saying bad things about him on social media and participating in a "Dixie's Reject" chant. Highspots, who filmed the event, released a video of the incident on YouTube:

Yes, the video cuts out right before Gunner exits the ring to kick the fan, and it says "Yeah right, we're not giving that away for free." Either that is the most shameless and disgusting ploy to get people to buy a set of DVDs ever, or the whole thing was a work from the start, designed to get Gunner over as a major heel. I guess that incident would be one way to reset kayfabe in an era of all-access if it truly was a work, and honestly, if it was planned from the start, it would be a lot more comforting. Viewing Gunner as a hyper-intense carny is a lot better than seeing him as a thin-skinned sociopath.