Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Oldest Running Gag in Chikara History

The DevCorp was announced as the final Kings of Trios in 2014. Yeah, about that...
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
The folks running the Chikara Twitter had a bit of fun yesterday. After a successful King of Trios weekend, they thanked many, many people across all spectra, and then they put the fear of God into all its followers with this Tweet:

The "final" in there threw everyone into a tizzy, which for the uninitiated could have come off as a shock and a bummer. King of Trios is a staple event on the indie calendar, and a year without it would be, well, it would be 2013 all over again. Chikara would have a lot to rest its laurels on with this year's tourney as well. It finally got the Blue World Order to compete, and a guest team for the first time won the whole thing.

However, for every year since 2009, Chikara has joked that each year's tournament would be the last. I heard the rumors in 2009. Dieter von Stiegerwalt proclaimed the BDK as the last ever King of Trios Champions in 2010. The same sort of thing happened in 2011 and in 2014. The only year where a Trios tournament was teased for the next year? That's right, 2012. Of course, this year could be the year that Chikara is not bluffing and is not planning on running Trios next year. Hey, the boy who cried wolf was telling the truth eventually. However, the most likely scenario here is that Chikara is once again playing on its longest-running rib.