Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Untold Story of the Battle of Hoth

Imagine if Jack Swagger here were an Imperial Walker...
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Randy Orton giving people the RKO out of nowhere in non-wrestling situations has become one of my favorite memes. Even after its peak with the RKO Vines craze of Twenty-Fourteen, .gifs, Vines, and other media portraying Orton doing his signature move to random unsuspecting folks still get me pretty good. Simple ones are good, but ones with elaborate setups can be pretty cool too. Just look at this one posted at r/SquaredCircle before the spoilsports had it removed because "mrah, you can't post memes here, this is a place for serious discussion about how [REDACTED] was misunderstood and how Nikki Bella is worse than Hitler."

Of course, that RKO outta nowhere was gonna get a pop out of me because it combines my love of the meme with my all-out devotion to the Star Wars Universe. The random appearance of Jean-Claude van Damme was a nice touch too. The thing is I can definitely see a RKO taking down an AT-AT walker more than I can see Luke Skywalker bringing it down with tow cables. Tow cables? Really? Next thing you're going to tell me is The Force is really comprised of these tiny little things called midi-chlorians... oh wait, I'm getting into prequel territory. I'll check out now. But look at the video, which I can't embed here. It's pretty cool.