Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TPI Entrant Number Eight Is...

Sugar D gonna look to dunk the competition in the TPI
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
The first seven names in the Ted Petty Invitational, IWA Mid-South's longstanding and recently defunct tournament, are no short of a who's who on the indie scene currently. Heidi Lovelace, Kongo Kong, Timothy Thatcher, Jon Gresham, Chris Hero, Masada, and 2 Cold Scorpio already make this slate must-see, and number eight, announced today, is another notch in the promotion's cap. Sugar Dunkerton, the former Chikara standout turned indie journeyman, will attempt to conquer Kentuckiana and be the the first TPI winner in seven years.

Dunkerton left Chikara in 2013 and set out to make his name nationwide. He's done so in places like Beyond Wrestling, Resistance Pro Wrestling, Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment, and now in IWA Mid-South. He has made splashes in both the tag ranks and in singles matches. Most infamously, he has the honor of being the last person to wrestle Nick Gage before he went back to prison for a parole violation. He possesses one hell of a lariat, and while he still has the basketball oeuvre going for him, you'll find he's gotten a bit more serious since leaving Chikara.

Four wrestlers remain to be announced for the tournament. It'll be interesting to see which competitors get the nod, but right now, the field is stacked as it is. Between the TPI and Beyond's Tournament for Tomorrow 4, the end of the year is looking to finish as furiously as it started and maintained.