Wednesday, October 14, 2015

AAA Is Losing Myzteziz over Heat with el Patron

Mistico and AAA are finito
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Asistencia Asesoría y Administración went into its TripleMania event in August with three of the biggest wrestlers in Mexico in key main event spots. Rey Mysterio, Jr., Myzteziz (fka Sin Cara, fka Mistico), and Alberto el Patron were looking to help the lucha libre promotion. Myzteziz was looking to become the biggest bad in the company, as he turned rudo on Mysterio after their show-closing match at the flagship show. But even before the event, things started to go sour with him, mainly vis-a-vis relations with one Alberto el Patron. Before the event, el Patron unleashed a massive Twitter outburst on him so bad that they had to be kept in separate parts of the locker room, per this roundup by The Cubs Fan. Things had started to unravel from there to the point where Myzteziz showed up to Arena Mexico on October 9. For those who don't know, that's the building where Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, AAA's main competitors in Mexico, run their shows. CMLL wasn't running that night, but an independent promotion known as All Elite definitely was. All Elite is known for having strong ties to CMLL.

Anyway, Myzteziz shed his hard-to-spell new name and assumed his most familiar mantel, Mistico, for a match on the card. He would later say that once he fulfilled the rest of the dates on his AAA contract, he was out of there, and yes, it seems the issues between him and el Patron were at the root. While he's been careful not to out-and-out say he was going back to CMLL, the promotion where he became the most popular and notable luchador in all the land, all signs point to him going back there as soon as he very well can. While AAA seems to be closer to branching out into the United States, CMLL may have more of a critical cache and has a working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling. It's where Tetsuya Naito has been coming on a regular basis to hone his craft and where he joined LOS INGOBERNABLES. Gaining Mistico back should give the promotion a shot in the arm to say the least.

Speaking of el Patron, the current AAA Mega Champion has been blowing off a lot of dates lately, both for AAA and for indie promotions. The most recent blow-up came when he was scheduled to work for Westside Xtreme Wrestling, Germany's premiere wrestling promotion, over the last weekend. el Patron apparently demanded a business class flight six days before he was scheduled to be there, and no way was the promotion going to be able to afford that ticket on short notice. He took to Twitter earlier this week to give his side of the story, which painted the promotion as more in the wrong for trying to weasel out into a different agreement. In most cases, I side with the wrestler in these disputes, but el Patron has been behaving quite erratically lately, the disappearance he underwent in July being the capper. Of course, el Patron has been linked to a WWE return, which given the circumstances of his release seems highly skeptical at this point. Nearly every report seems to be linking him back to the company solely because WWE needs a Latino star and el Patron has been acting strangely lately. Much in the same way that once the University of Southern California head football coach opening sprung up this past week, everyone linked Chip Kelly to it because the Eagles had started the season slow.

Still, one doesn't need to be a rocket surgeon to see something is wrong with the main event in AAA right now. Hopefully, the administration can right the ship, but then again, it seems that political dealings and the like in Mexico are more volatile than they are in the United States as a rule. I'd suggest following people in the know like The Cubs Fan and Dylan Hales for a clearer picture on the lucha libre scene.