Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Angelus Layne Is Going on Hiatus

A fierce competitor with the worst luck
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Angelus Layne has spent the last couple of years attempting to break through on the indie scene while fighting injuries at the same time. She's gotten runs with several promotions, but it took a spotlight run in Inspire Pro Wrestling to really cement her as a big fuckin' deal. However, despite her big run there culminating in a violent, intense blow-off to her feud with Delilah Doom, Layne has been bitten by the injury snake again. She not only re-broke one of her wrists, but her ankle injury didn't heal correctly and she once again has to take time off. In a heartfelt Facebook note, Layne dispelled rumors that she was bitter or jaded with wrestling, but that she did almost consider retiring for good.

Few things are as heartbreaking to see than a ++ talent who works hard and is great to the fans keeps getting stung with bad injury luck, and Layne is no exception. It's especially frustrating now because she finally found a groove in Inspire Pro, one of the hottest indies in the country right now. Conversely, I'm glad that she's going to redouble her efforts to getting healthy. A person's well-being is far more important than the entertainment value they provide to marks like you and me. It sucks that she'll be on the shelf, but when, not if but when, she comes back, she'll be better for the time she took off.