Monday, October 5, 2015

Beyond Wrestling Has a New On Demand Service

See all the Beyond action like Gresham and Thatcher and more at Beyondemand
Photo Credit: Picture Dave
Over-the-top archive services are all the rage with wrestling companies right now. Everyone knows about WWE Network, and all the cool kids dig New Japan World, but the indies are getting in on the game too. Chikara, Absolute Intense Wrestling, and WWN Live all have gone digital and on demand, and they have been joined by Beyond Wrestling. Beyondemand has gone live on YouTube, and it has everything you could ever want from the new leaders in indie wrestling, both old and new. And because it's on YouTube, it'll have the backing of the original and most reliable streaming service on the great wide web.

The monthly price is $9.99 ($9.99, where have I heard that price point before?), but you can subscribe and get a 14 day trial for absolutely free. One might think that a fortnight is a bit excessive for an indie wrestling company's archives, but Beyond Wrestling has so much footage to offer that you may only scrape the tip of the iceberg with that two week window. Seriously, Beyond has been going on for six-plus years now, and in addition to all the Fete Music and other major shows it's done, it has a wealth of secret shows and sleeper cell tapings. IT has more footage than Denver Colorado (the man, not the place!) knows what to do with.

Of course, the free YouTube channel will still be available, and the amount of free content readily streamable there is insane. Basically, for less than ten bucks a month, you can be jam-packed to the gills with the best indie wrestling that features a diverse cast, studded with prime guest stars and still keep the free channel in your back pocket for an appetizer. Beyond Wrestling really is the best value in wrestling without giving your cash to Vince McMahon's corporate monkey show.