Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chikara in Minnesota: Is The Thunder Frog's Return Imminent?

Is he coming back or is this chatter for nothing?
Photo Credit: TH
The saga of the Estonian Thunder Frog has taken turn after turn since his untimely "passing" at the hands of Deucalion last year. At the end of the Tomorrow Never Dies Internet pay-per-view broadcast, a farmer in the state of Minnesota picked up a frog with a lightning cape. Earlier this year, a being calling himself the Estonian Farmer Frog began competing in said state. He denied ever being the Thunder Frog, even though in a now-deleted video, he was seen dreaming about wrestling with his former (?) persona.

Of course, when Chikara announced it would be heading to Minnesota, the rumblings about the return of the Thunder Frog started to intensify among fans. However, chatter about the Thunder Frog/Farmer Frog connection among those who have control over the proceedings, re: Chikara, has been quiet. The video deletion may also speak to either the continued preservation of Farmer Frog as a surprise or a complete break in plans altogether. So is all this chirping on my end for nothing? Am I getting my hopes up, and yours, for nothing as well? Well, maybe not...

The the second, third, and fourth matches for the Minnesota date were announced yesterday. Two are Challenge of the Immortals battles, a tag match between the Nightmare Warriors and Gentlemen's Club and a trios affair between the Snake Pit and United Nations. The third match will pit Minnesota mainstay Arik Cannon against the newly freed Oleg the Usurper. The first match, however, was not announced by Chikara, but by F1RST Wrestling on October 1. F1RST is the premiere indie company in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and a well-known Chikara collaborator. That company's offering will be a four-way match for the Wrestlepalooza Championship, Sheik Ariya Daivari defending against Wildcat, Venom, and a mystery fourth competitor. And look at who was stumping to get that fourth spot...


Of course, that tweet may again not be foreshadowing at all, but Chikara leaving that thread dangling would be highly uncharacteristic and disappointing. Besides, the Thunder Frog may be needed again after all. As it turns out, Kevin Condron is currently bringing the Deucalion rampage back into style. Currently overtaken by a demon spirit that calls itself "Snowflake," Condron has taken his righteous rage out on Orbit Adventure Ant physically with the chokebreaker and verbally on everyone else for their continued support of the culture of death and destruction. If no one can stop Snowflake-Condron, then wouldn't Chikara need a hero who knows how to deal with a threat like that, who has withstood such a threat? Maybe I'm looking ahead too much and predicting things with my heart. However, it makes too much sense. The Thunder Frog is hero Chikara needs right now.