Friday, October 2, 2015

Finn Bálor Invaded TNA

Bálor Club ENGAGE
Photo Credit: @WWEBalor
NXT is running a show in Nashville tonight, and in addition to being the home of country music, Vanderbilt University, and the place where I got the biggest pile of nachos I've ever seen in my life (Eddie George's Grille 27), houses the headquarters of TNA Wrestling. The embattled wrestling company has had to deal with low morale, accusations of their production guys the Harris Bros. being racist tyrants, delayed pay, and Destination America cancelling their flagship Impact. Now, TNA has to deal with the NXT Champion invading its headquarters.

Of course, if Finn Bálor really wanted to ingratiate himself to NXT overlord Triple H, he would have rented a tank, but at the same time, did he really need one? It's not like this company is what WCW was back when DX made its infamous prank invasion. I'm pretty sure if he knocked on the door hard enough, Dixie Carter would  have thrown the deed of ownership to the company with the only demand being whatever change was in his pocket. Additionally, not only is WWE so far above what TNA is right now, but I'd argue NXT is too. It feels like piling on, but at the same time, Bálor is just having a little fun. Wrestling should be fun, even if it's feigning a takeover of another company.