Tuesday, October 20, 2015

From the Archives: Drake Younger vs. Virgil Flynn the III

Watch some Hoodslam featuring Drake Younger!
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
The California independent scene has pretty much centered around Los Angeles, or more accurately Reseda, for over a decade now, but the northern half of the state has developed into quite the vibrant, if underexposed scene over the last few years. Everyone knows about Timothy Thatcher and his #grapplefuck game, and he cultivated it in promotions like All Pro Wrestling (which is actually one of the OG indie promotions) and Supreme Pro Wrestling. If those are the Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla of the north, then Hoodslam is the Bay Area's Inter Species Wrestling. With colorful characters and an adult-oriented flavor, It has taken the indie world by storm.

Hoodslam will be running shop this Saturday, a good time for everyone who ventures into Oakland. You won't see Drake Younger at the show; he's moved on and is the eternally smiling referee down at NXT. However, in between his East Coast days working death matches and his gig as a ref for developmental, he had a residency on the West Coast trying to clean the blood from his image. However, you may see his opponent in the match below there. Virgil Flynn the III is a Hoodslam regular, and if Global Force Wrestling ever finds distribution for its television show, you'll get to see him on Amped as well. Many say that the below match is one of the finest in Hoodslam history. See for yourself.