Tuesday, October 27, 2015

From the Archives: Kahagas vs. Damien Wayne

Get acquainted with Kahagas
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, so odds are, after you're done going out with the kiddies for trick-or-treat, you can head on over to your local VFW or bingo hall for some prime indie wrestling. If you're in Northern Georgia, you have a dandy of a main event waiting for you down at Deep Southern Championship Wrestling. The Tokyo Monster Kahagas will be primed to do battle with the resurgent Jimmy Rave. Rave has been making waves this year by leading the vanguard for the breakout of Georgia independent wrestling. Plus, he's also a Ring of Honor veteran.

The most you may know about Kahagas, however, is that he was the controversial choice to succeed Colt Cabana as NWA World Champion after Cabana and Adam Pearce famously threw down the belt after their best-of-seven series. He's more than just a footnote; he's one heck of a brawler. The scary facepaint fits the Halloween motif well, but he's more than just a look as well. The best example of his brawling acumen can be found here in this NWA World Title defense against Damien Wayne. It may have a no-finish, but it is some A-plus, high-quality fisticuffs. Check it out.