Thursday, October 15, 2015

Gabe Sapolsky Is Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

Stick to tweeting "How's the feed?"
The biggest story of the summer that hasn't been explicitly confirmed as of yet has been the rumored relationship between WWE and the WWN Live family of promotions. "Explicit confirmation" seems like a formality at this point, however, since Gabe Sapolsky was credentialed for Takeover: Brooklyn, WWE sent film crews to American Combat Wrestling to follow Bayley around for a documentary, half the SHINE roster appeared at the last set of tapings to help put over Nia Jax and Emma, this article, and the big one, Sami Zayn is making an official appearance at the next of EVOLVE shows. The two bodies are in bed with each other, and all that is needed is either Triple H or Sapolsky to say something cementing the deal. Well, if you were waiting for the latter to confirm it, well, I've got some oceanfront property in Kansas to sell you...

Of course Sapolsky has "no answers" right now. I don't think he's ever had an answer to any question. It's not the lack of confirmation that bugs me. Moreover, it's that he used giving information as a hook and then bam, he said nothing of note. But I guess that's the nature of wrestling promoters. They're always working. He could also be under a gag order from WWE, or hey, maybe this is all just touch and go, and nothing is set in stone.

This latest piece of misinformation is the latest wrinkle in how frustrating wrestling reporting can be. But then again, does the information have to be confirmed to be assumed as true? Zayn wouldn't be setting foot in another company's ring if some agreement wasn't in place. Still, no matter how many times one can say not to let the fluff and the misdirections and the people creating them get you down, sometimes, it's hard to ignore blowhards like Sapolsky.