Thursday, October 1, 2015

Michael Cole Got Ripped, Dawg

Quite a transformation
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WWE is known for having wrestlers with chiseled frames and muscle mass out the wazoo. Anomalous performers do exist up and down the card, but a lot of the people on the roster look like they can segue out from wrestling into strongman competitions or the Arnold Classic. The Voice of WWE has been taking a cue from the wrestlers he's been calling in the ring, and this past week, he's revealed the results of his diet and exercise. In short, Michael Cole looks like a WWE superstar.

He apparently got the above body by cutting out carbs, putting in a workout regimen six days a week, and periodically fasting between 16 and 36 hours. The program, which can be detailed at WWE dot com right here, was conducted under the tutelage of Jesse Marines. It seemed to have taken a lot of discipline, and it paid off to the tune of visible musculature and a weight loss of 65 pounds in a calendar year.

In the interview, Cole denied ever having the desire to work in the ring again, even though he and his broadcast partners periodically bring up that he's undefeated at WrestleMania from time to time. However, if he wanted to get back in the ring for one more go around, he would look more like a superstar than just an announcer getting a payday. Of course, people with that kind of body type aren't the only ones to be celebrated, but such a transformation from one type to another is impressive if just for the work put in to get there.