Friday, October 30, 2015

Oooh Yeah, Evan Mathis

Ooh yeah, dig it
Photo via @Broncos
Evan Mathis was about as beloved a player in Philadelphia as an offensive lineman could be. He was affable, good on Twitter, and he employed @FanSince09 as his personal hype man. So when Chip Kelly gave him the heave-ho in the offseason, Eagles fans were pretty pissed, myself included. He's been sorely missed in the running game, but the above picture is just the cherry on the sundae. How could the Eagles let go a dude who would dress up like the Macho Man? Of course, Mathis isn't the first guy this season to let loose his proclivities for Randy Savage, but he is the one who used to play for my favorite team.

Speaking of Savage, Bruce Campbell shared a story about sharing a trailer with the Macho Man on the set of Spider-man. Savage played the wrestler Bonesaw McGraw, Spider-man's opponent when he dabbled in the graps after he first got his powers. Apparently, Cambpbell walked into the trailer one day to the sounds of Savage and his girlfriend in amorous activities on the other side of the wall, and boy were they loud. I guess if you were the Macho Man, you didn't do anything half-assed.