Monday, October 12, 2015

Pour One Out for Devin Taylor

Taylor (foreground) was released before going all psycho on Dana Brooke
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The longest-running feud in NXT after Sasha Banks vs. Bayley has ended unceremoniously, as Devin Taylor has been released from her developmental contract. Taylor has spent much of the last two years as a backstage interviewer for the NXT television show. Recently, she'd been the giver of annoyed looks as Dana Brooke tussled her hair after interviews. Many, myself included, hoped that the payoff would be Taylor going all AVATAR STATE and murking Brooke as payback, but alas, that day shall never come.

Cal Bishop, another developmental talent who has been used mostly in enhancement matches, was also given his release. On one hand, it sucks to see anyone lose their jobs, but at the same time, the cuts probably weren't surprising. Taylor's role had been increasingly usurped by Creepy Greg Hamilton, and Bishop probably saw the writing on the wall when he couldn't make it past enhancement with all the new indie hotness coming in. Maybe both will pop up on the indie circuit, especially given the news that Triple H may be actively funneling guys who don't fit at the Performance Center into the WWN Live colander. Still, it's gonna suck knowing that all those head pats Brook gave to Taylor were, in the end, for naught.