Thursday, October 22, 2015

Shall the Dead Rise from a Toilet?

Will the Batiri be whole again, and if so, at what cost?
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
When last the wrestling world saw Kobald, he was being carried out from the Easton Funplex by the combined Chikara forces after becoming Deucalion's first victim. He died as valiant a death as a fecal demon could, standing up to the Titan of Titor and in the process showing the world how much of a threat the enforcer of the Flood could be. While the Batiri felt lost without him, his exit from the company, from this mortal coil felt final. But the thing about Chikara is that much like in a comic book, people tend not to stay "dead." The Estonian Thunder Frog could very well be an amnesiac farmer in the state of Minnesota right now. This theory may be base speculation, but Snowflake may not be some random possessing spirit but instead the soul of Deucalion himself.

And when UltraMantis Black needed a fourth wrestler to replace him in the Arcane Horde, he needn't have looked any further than the toilet on Bled Island. The Challenge of the Immortals partnership between the Batiri, Mantis, and Oleg the Usurper started off on shaky ground from jump, given Oleg's standing as a scion of Sidney Bakabella and the years-long battle between the demons and the great and devious insectoid necromancer. Oleg's problems were rectified when he took off Bakabella's head at King of Trios. But the accord between Mantis and the Batiri was based off a promise that wouldn't be filled until yesterday, it seems:

Obviously, the name "Kobald" wasn't explicitly mentioned, but what other person of great importance to the Batiri would rise from a toilet via dark magic? But that also raises the question of whether it's ethical or even smart to raise the dead. The Thunder Frog's reincarnation was divine in nature, if indeed the Farmer Frog is really the Thunder Frog with a mean case of mental block. But if Deucalion, or the same spirit that possessed Deucalion, has also possessed Kevin Condron, then it raises even more questions, especially if Condron himself invited that Snowflake into his mind himself. Messing with the paranormal may have unintended circumstances.

So that begs the question as to whether the Kobald that pops out of that toilet and appears by the Batiri's and Oleg's sides against the Wrecking Crew will be the same one that was flattened by Deucalion and carried out of Easton. I hope it is. Kobald, before his demise, was one of the most unique and wily wrestlers in Chikara. IF he is returning, then it will be a great addition to the roster. But if it's not him, or if it's him in an altered state, then the crisis that may be on the horizon for Season 16 will make the battle with the Flood look like a Civil War reenactment.