Friday, October 9, 2015

Sorry 'Bout Your Damn Luck, Full Sail

NXT has become a more JOHNNNAY CASH LISTENINNNNN place
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A popular notion that WWE doesn't hire ex-TNA talents unless they were with WWE before floats around the wrestling world as if it's fact. While reports have come out stating distaste in the front office for signing people with the stain of Impact on them, WWE has taken riders on several wrestlers who started out in TNA: Consequences Creed, Chris Harris, Monty Brown, Lance Hoyt, Samoa Joe. Still, whenever someone makes the jump from TNA to WWE, or even NXT, it's a bit surprising. It's especially shocking when that wrestler is pushing 40 and has been with TNA since nearly the beginning.

So when "Cowboy" James Storm showed up at Full Sail University last night, it came as somewhat of a surprise. Even though he was reported as backstage at Takeover: Respect, the reports were giving the impression that he'd be more of a coach than an active wrestler. But he came out for a match last night, keeping his regular name and everything. OF course, what keeps it from being a total spoiler is that the NXT Twitter itself announced it.

With Joe and Storm in the fold this year and TNA possibly circling the drain, the stigma of TNA wrestlers not going to WWE should probably be dissolved. But it's also telling that they went to NXT and not WWE, especially since both are extreme veterans of the wrestling scene. If anything, it fuels the notion that NXT is less and less developmental and more the world's most random indie promotion. But either way, it's cool for the fans at least.