Friday, October 9, 2015

The One Where I Posit the Best Dragon Gate Match Is Lesnar/Dallas

We discuss whether Sasha Banks is the best Flair/Thesz candidate or not
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We Don't Know Wrestling, Ep. 2: Dragon Gate Sucks Eggs

Sam DiMascio and Case Lowe welcomed me onto the We Don't Know Wrestling podcast for some quality banter about all things pro graps. We start the show off discussing the news of James Storm heading into NXT and venture into a plethora of others from there. It really is a random episode with no real coherent train of thought, but really, those episodes are the best ones.

We cover candidates for the Thesz/Flair Award (the Observer Awards' Wrestler of the Year), Case and Sam plug the Pro Wrestling Only Greatest Wrestlers Ever list, and then I talk a bit about the TWB 100. I through some praise on Inspire Pro Wrestling, and we cover the controversial statements made by David Bixenspan on Twitter from yesterday about rehearsing matches and whether that's good or bad. The show closes with ya boy TH throwing some invective at Seth Rollins. It's a quality listen, so check it out.

Also, you can follow the podcast on its Soundcloud page, or subscribe to it on iTunes. And if you do that, leave them a kind review, because these guys are doing good work.