Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tyler Breeze Is An Animal... Well, Half an Animal

Is it my horse-body when you look at me?
Photo Credit: WWE.com
The big buzz around Tyler Breeze right now is that he's getting prepped for a main roster run. It's an exciting time for the one guy who's been in developmental the longest without getting his shot on the main roster, but it's not the most entertaining thing regarding him, or at least his likeness, that I can think of. In fact, fellow developmental talent and hairy Frenchman Sylvester Lefort showed off his non-wrestling talents by painting a portrait of Breeze in a peculiar way...

Yes, that is a painting of Tyler Breeze as a centaur. To be honest, it fits Prince Pretty's oeuvre. Alex Rodriguez famously has, or at least had, a painting of himself as a centaur, and he also fits the modern, fashion-forward mold that Breeze's character does, even if he's a baseball player and not a supermodel. Either way, I love when wrestling is weird and artsy like this. Remember this portrait as Breeze gets fed to the main roster wood chipper in the near future.