Tuesday, October 20, 2015

You, Yes, YOU Can Vote on What Free ISW Match You Can See

Want to see Pinkie Sanchez in action? VOTE
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
You like free wrestling matches. Yes, you do, don't deny it. One of the most irreverent and insane wrestling promotions out there, Inter Species Wrestling, is going to be offering one through the excellent Free Pro Wrestling site, and much like the Beyond Wrestling gimmick from a couple of months back, you get to vote on which one gets released. The vote is being held in advance of the promotion's Halloween-themed show, Candy Apples and Razorblades, which will be going down on All Hallow's Eve at the Heirloom Arts Theater in Danbury, CT. Go to this page and vote for the match you want to see most.

Your selections feature a sampling of the colorful cast of characters ISW currently hosts. The first match features the hard-hitting Gran Akuma taking on the aerially inclined Kitsune. Even though one of the competitors is the literal incarnation of the mythical Japanese spirit fox, this match may be the most "normal" one on the docket, if that's your thing. Second up features Necro Butcher taking on the zombie warrior Izzie Deadyet, which should be fun for those who like hardcore wrestling and competitors who may have body parts fall off at any given time. Match number three pits Addy Starr against Pinkie Sanchez, which is the choice for people who just like wrestlers who don't give a fuck about their bodies and are as crazy on offense as they are with the risks they take. The fourth selection is for tag team aficionados, as the hard-hitting and ornery Tabarnak de Team does battle with a chef and his giant snow crab, The Food Fighters. Finally, in a match that is definitely NOT safe for work, the Craigslist Homo tangles with Sexxxy Eddy. You can't go wrong with any five of those selections.

But in order to view one of them, you need to make your voice heard and vote. Free Wrestling is a great site, and ISW is one of the most unique and riotous promotions out there, so this teaming is a win for anyone who likes good clean fun in a totally unclean environment. Take the plunge, and if you're in the Nutmeg State or anywhere within driving distance of it, make sure you head out to Candy Apples and Razorblades on Halloween. It's more fun than TPing someone's house or attempting to wake the souls of the damned at the local graveyard.