Monday, October 5, 2015

Zahra Schreiber Has Arrived on the Independent Circuit

Schreiber is in Dreamwave now
Photo via @zahraschreiber
So, Zahra Schreiber was perhaps the most newsworthy WWE Performance Center trainee who never made it to NXT television of all-time. First, nude pictures of her leaked from Seth Rollins' Twitter account after his now ex-fiancee found out about their affair. Then, Instagram posts that she made years ago showing affinity towards Nazism the same weekend she made her debut as Solomon Crowe's, uh, sister on the NXT house show circuit. She was summarily released, because even companies where the chairman has said the "n-word" on camera have their standards. I'm not sure who thought she'd pop back up on the wrestling scene unless TNA signed her for a quick boost in attention, but just about a month or so after the My Little Pony Hitler post that got her fired was rooted out, she has returned to a wrestling ring.

Dreamwave Wrestling, the Illinois promotion that has become one of the hottest indies in the country, debuted Schreiber on Saturday's A Nightmare on Gooding Street show as part of the big supergroup that includes Arik Cannon, Donovan Danhausen, Brubaker, and Ruff Crossing. Honestly, everyone does deserve a second chance, and I don't know too much about Schreiber to say otherwise about her. But at the same time, this seems a bit too... soon? I don't know, the Nazi paraphernalia and brash attitude towards people who called her out on it that came without much remediation still would make her radioactive to me. Then again, I don't have the stomach to be a wrestling promoter, so who knows.

In other Dreamwave news, Angelus Layne, the firebrand of a spitfire who has taken Inspire Pro by storm, has been a mainstay in that Mid-South/Illinois/St. Louis wrestling scene, and she's been pretty active in the promotion pretty recently. Well, judging by this Twitter post...
...that relationship is seemingly over. The glib reaction would be to say that now she has more time to travel down to Austin and be a major player in Inspire Pro, but it's shocking that she'd close the door on working with Dreamwave, especially since its profile is rising pretty high. She'll land on her feet and keep getting bookings though.