Monday, November 2, 2015

Jerry Lawler and His Girlfriend Got into a Wreck This Weekend

Thankfully, Lawler (right) is okay
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Halloween is a scary holiday, but for Mid-South legend and WWE announcer Jerry Lawler, it was even more frightful than normal. He and his girlfriend Lauryn McBride were involved in a head-on with someone running a red light. The story on details the accident. Lawler was making a left turn and someone ran a red light and smashed into them. Lawler escaped mostly unscathed, but McBride suffered injuries to her head and leg. I was in a similar accident three or so years ago when my work truck was t-boned making a left turn while someone else ran a red light. I was fine, but it was still scary no less. The other car was inches away from colliding into my driver's side door, and ya boy TH woulda been in a world of hurt at the very least. Lawler and McBride seemed to have similar luck this weekend.

This was Lawler's second close brush with death in the last few years, as he had an on-air heart attack at Monday Night RAW in 2012, from which he recovered. Car accidents are no joke even when you're the one at fault. When it's the other person? Well, it's an extra bundle of nerves and mental distress. Hopefully Lawler and McBride recover fully from this, and also hopefully, people can perhaps be a bit more mindful of road conditions? Running a red light is pretty bad in the pantheon of traffic errors.