Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I Listen So You Don't Have To: Steve Austin Show Ep. 281

Austin, shown here with Mike Tyson, has another episode with Ted Fowler
Photo Credit: WWE.com
If you’re new, here’s the rundown. We listen to a handful of wrestling podcasts each week. Too many, probably, though certainly not all of them. In the interest of saving you time — in case you have the restraint to skip certain episodes — the plan is to give the bare bones of a given show and let you decide if it’s worth investing the time to hear the whole thing. There are many wrestling podcasts out there, of course, but this feature largely hews to the regular rotation we feel best fit the category of hit or miss. If we can save other folks some time, we’re happy to do so.

Show: Steve Austin Show — Unleashed!
Episode: 281 (Dec. 17, 2015)
Run Time: 1:22:43
Guest: Ted Fowler (13:30)

Summary: It’s another unleashed show with Austin and Fowler at the Broken Skull Ranch. This time, though, they’re not tipsy but hung over. They talk quite a bit about the deer on the ranch before Austin tells the story of his wife being stranded in their 2006 Suburban. Austin recognizes the inaugural Cocksucker Of The Week, has Fowler recount a recent booty call and then tells his own story of shopping at Trader Joe’s in San Antonio and running into local blue laws. After recalling a fall in the mud and a bad lift kit experience, Austin ends by detailing his last Starbucks stop.

Quote of the week: “Normally, Teddy, when you go to a Starbucks, there’s 15 motherfuckers ordering Frappucino, lacha, mocha, foo-foo, blah-blah, cream and whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkles and shit like that, all these fucking gimmick names, and you gotta — I think probably when you start working at Starbucks you gotta learn the lingo. It’s like being a pro wrestler. Kayfabe. One tackle, drop down, get it again, call all the high spots, know the psychology. Get a little bit of kizeller up in this mizatch.”

Why you should listen: Just like last Thursday. If you get off on Austin shooting the breeze with his ranch buddy. This isn’t a formal part two, it’s just a conceptual rehash, and we’d be wise to expect more so long as Austin is in Texas. The upside here compared to last week is skirting politics altogether and going off the cuff instead of messing with listener questions.

Why you should skip it: When talking about his fall, Austin invokes Ric Flair. Kayfabe is part of his Starbucks story, and he promotes the upcoming episode with Shawn Michaels. Aside from that, there’s no wrestling talk. Some folks won’t care at all for Fowler’s story of the woman who asked if he was free — my main beef with it is how it clearly was the second time he’d told Austin, and these anecdotes, tasteless as they may be, would be better entertainment if we could at least get to share in the discovery with the host.

Final thoughts: There’s a good chance a repeat listen to a highly regarded Austin episode would be a better use of your time than a first pass on this one. I liked it better than Ep. 280, but I could have lived many years without hearing either. This isn’t distasteful in a “Jim Cornette Islamophobic rant” sort of way, it’s just nothing more than a chance to laugh along, provided you enjoy the incorporated topics. If none of them trip any of your triggers, then you’ve got to be heavily invested in Austin and Fowler to consider this worth your trouble.