Monday, December 21, 2015

Three Theories on Who or What Snowflake Is

The nefarious Snowflake has taken over Condron... is Snowflake someone already known to the Chikara world?
Photo Credit: Zia Hiltey
Kevin Condron burst onto the scene at Tomorrow Never Dies, the Chikara Season 14 finale, and his 2015 was a crusade to remind everyone that the ills of the company were self-inflicted. He preached against the wanton death and destruction until he himself turned his rage lethal and compromised Orbit Adventure Ant to a permanent end at King of Trios. Via Condron's Twitter account, an otherworldly being known as Snowflake took responsibility for the heinous act and claimed possession of the flesh.

Snowflake could be any number of things, and the possibility that it is a new demonic spirit that floated from the aether into the Chikara narrative is distinct. However, given that auteur Mike Quackenbush loves media where things are curiously connected (comic books, LOST), the possibility that Snowflake is something more than a Class VII Full Possessing Demon that randomly happened to inhabit the flesh of Condron. I have three compelling theories on who or what Snowflake really is. They could be onto something, or who knows, maybe Snowflake is one of those dangling threads that isn't meant to be more than a device for story advancement. In either case, wrestling is always more fun when you can sink your teeth into something meatier.

1. Snowflake is Deucalion - When Icarus put the Estonian Thunder Frog's Hammer to the skull of the Titan of Titor, it marked the end of his "life" and the invading force of The Flood. Or did it? Deucalion the person was rough around the edges, but his mind was focused. Perhaps the flesh was just a vessel for a spirit of malevolence? Perhaps that malevolence was attracted to Condron, who earlier in the night of Deucalion's demise, showed his own predilection towards violence. It's possible that Deucalion's disembodied spirit guided Condron to possessing the Lithuanian Snow Troll and recruiting former Flood members Volgar and Missile Assault Ant before completely possessing his mind and giving him the power of, you guessed it, the fatal Chokebreaker. The Flood's modus operandi was dredging up old menaces from Chikara's past and bringing them to the surface to attack it again, so it wouldn't be out of line for Deucalion to find another host to bring back the sinister group of amalgamated evil for another assault.

2. Snowflake is Nazmaldun - Hallowicked's demon master is another possibly incorporeal being that was introduced in Season 15. Many have wondered whether this all-powerful overlord is an extraworldly god-figure or an actual character waiting to be introduced. Then again, what if Nazmaldun is both? Condron has been away from the Hallowicked action this season, but that could very well be what the demonic master wants people to think. A unification between the Battleborn and the Nightmare Warriors could be in the works for Season 16, one that makes more sense than lets on at first. Condron's mission is fueled by the casualties of the war with the Flood. Nazmaldun may have promised some extranatural abilities for Condron, including perhaps raising the dead? UltraMantis Black, another dark practicioner, has done it. Who says Nazmaldun can't do it either?

3. Snowflake is a ruse - Of course, Snowflake not even being real is a possibility. Some might think it to be disappointing, but if it's all just a cover to allow Condron to become the most magnificent peacock of a villainous mastermind, then it could be the best possible option. The metamorphosis from unmasked rookie in a hoodie to Hollywood glam interpretation of an Ottoman sultan has been one of the most magnificent short-term evolutions in wrestling. The biggest tell for this theory came during Top Banana, when Condron was looking down the angry view of his fellow Wrestle Factory alumnus Argus. He dropped the ornate voice and said "Hey it's me, Kevin." Either he can turn the Snowflake in him on and off, that appeal itself was a ruse in order to bide time for a counter, or Snowflake isn't a real thing. That little bit might be the strongest tell yet.

Of course, Snowflake could end up being revealed something completely different. Still, the above three options are the most appealing to me, and may end up being the most interesting. I'm sure the answer will be gotten to sometime either in Season 16 or maybe in Season 17.