Friday, January 22, 2016

The One With Sexy Female Bo Dallas

Rumble chat!
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Black Heart, Gold Podcast, Ep. 179

The kind folks at Black Heart, Gold Pants, SB Nation's destination for everything Iowa Hawkeyes-related, had me back on their podcast to talk Royal Rumble. Patrick Vint, Adam Jacobi, and I ran down the Royal Rumble event in its entirety. We took a look at the Rumble match, who might win, who might enter surprisingly, and the odds of Triple H returning in any capacity.

We also run down the rest of the card, talking about the Tag Team, Intercontinental, and Divas Championship matches. We touch on WWE's injury spate, the possibility of AJ Styles debuting with the company, and we look ahead to potential WrestleMania matches. Please listen to this episode, and if Iowa sports tickle your fancy (and with the football season the school had and the basketball season it's currently having, no better time than now to jump on the bandwagon), then subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast service, or just check out old episodes on the home page.